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You can gladly save towards your future and also benefit much higher interest rate on your savings than ever before

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Why choose KoloSavers?

With KoloSavers you can easily choose how you wish to save your money. Addidng this money to your KoloSavers account is very easy, simple and stress-free as you can simply make use of our ussd code.

The money you save in KoloSavers account is safe and both your money and interest generated is sent back into your account on your agreed date of liquidation instantly without delay. Why not try us today and let us put a smile on your face.

Save for the rainy day at your convenience

Earn Immediate Interests instantly

Excess cash on hand can make you start buying what you dont need. Avoid this temptations today. start saving into KoloSavers today and earn interest starting from day one of your savings. It is simple and 100% safe. Funds are sent back to your account upon liquidation on the return date you set.


The most secured service that encourages you to start saving

With the high level of internet security that we use, we can guanrantee you that all your information are safe from third party and protected from fraud. Set up your preferred saving rythm, start saving and earning today.

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James Makinde

I borrowed people from my leftovers, they refused to pay back, but the story has changed since I started using KoloSavers, now am earning as am saving.

8th January 2019

Sandra Nwachukwu

KoloSavers has really helped me to develop a good saving scheme, knowing fully well that i earn on my savings and guess what?!, My money + interest is sent back to my account once its my liquidation date. Thanks to KoloSavers.

14th January 2019

Bode Shittu

KoloSavers has actually helped me to use my money on neccesary things, I saved weekly and also earn as I save, I now spend what I earn and save back the initial money, thank you KoloSavers.

9th January 2019

Some of Our Packages

  • 6 Months Interest rate   7.5% Per Anum
  • 1 year Interest rate   7.5% Per Anum
  • 18 Months Interest rate   7.5% Per Anum
  • 2 Years Interest rate   7.5% Per Anum

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