Get to Know us...

KoloSavers is an online savings platform for people who find it hard to save. The platform helps people save for specific goals such as a new car, vacation, school fees, house rent and so on. KoloSavers helps users to create and maintain a healthy saving culture that will enable them plan for the future. KoloSavers encourages users to adopt the “pay yourself first strategy” saving each time a person is paid before using any of the money for spending.

Our core values

User Friendliness

How we Operate

The KoloSavers savings platform can be accessed through the web, mobile application, USSD and Agents. We believe that the availability of these mediums will greatly improve customer experience and also provide customers the option to choose from any of the medium that best suits their convenience. Although our web and mobile app have a user friendly interface, the USSD and agent options are for people who do not have smartphones and people in rural places that are not tech savvy.