Latest News about Kolo


Kolo launch on point

Kolo was launched on the 5th October, 2018. Our web, mobile application and USSD platforms were revealed during the launch. With the kolo app, you can control your savings, savings is easy as you can also use our USSD codes which means that it is not neccesary to have internet access to use the KOLO app.


Kolo register new agents

We are pleased to inform you that Kolo has recently registered over 1,000 agents which makes our agents strength now over 3,000. These individuals represent Kolo in the whole southwest region of the country. We believe the introduction of agents on our platform would ensure comprehensive financial inclusion at all levels. This implies that people regardless of their income level can set a goal and save towards the achievement of that goal.


Kolo hits new height

We are proud to inform the general public that kolo last month hit a new height. We currently have over 100,000 subscribers that have etrusted us with their cash, those individuals are recieving their interest promptly and are really appreciative, you can read about them on our testimony section...we wish to still keep serving you better.